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Cloud-based electronic mecical records


holds enormous potential to revolutionise healthcare. One

As doctors, we know how much you love spending quality time with your patients, but administrative tasks and duties can sometimes take up most of a doctor's time leading to frustration.

Sherwood AI solutions

of our aims is to increase quality of care by helping doctor to spend more time with their patients.


AI driven solution boosts doctor productivity
Artifical intelligence ultrasound reports boost doctor productivity and increase patient satisfaction

" Sherwood AI automated ultrasound reports helped  me to spend 9 more minutes with each of my patients, increasing their satisfaction " Dr Fdez.

The video on the left shows how a doctor is able to do a first trimester ultrasound scan report in less than 1 minute using Sherwood HIS.

Automated AI-powered reports

We love developing ideas together with our users. If you have a use case for applying Sherwood's AI technology in your hospital or daily clinical practice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We love developing ideas together with our users

Do you have a use case?

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