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Sherwood End-to-End Encryption Technology

  • Personal details
  • Sensitive data
    Health information
Privacy is our top priority. As such, Sherwood Hospital platform uses End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) technology to protect personal and sensitive information from patients so that only you and those authorised can read it.

What is your cryptographic key?

It is your own private key to protect your sensitive data
A cryptographic key is a variable in cryptography that is used with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data. It typically involves generating a long string of letters and numbers that would be practically impossible for anyone to guess.

Sherwood cryptographic keys consiste of 45 alphanumeric characters from the base58 alphabet that are randomly generated during the sign-up process.

Private key example:  T&r#o9rYrYwgqUKaeBYzb73QwAtKDvZTvffllJVHrqBmjI

How does a cryptographic key work?

  • Generating a new private key: prior to encryption, Sherwood encryption software generates a random as possible 45 characters alphanumeric code during the sing-up process.
  • Securely storing the private key: You are fully responsible for storing your private key as Sherwood will never have access to this information. The main wallet categories are custodial and non-custodial wallets, as well as hot and cold wallets. Users should choose whatever suits best their needs. 

  • Private key exchange: There is no need to share your private key with your workforce. Once the private key is generated for the fist time, Sherwood Hospital Platform automatically uses that encryption key for all personal and sensible data within that hospital or healthcare-facility.

Privacy by design aims to provide the highest degree of privacy by ensuring that personal data is automatically protected in any IT system or business practice. Privacy by design means that Privacy is an integral part of the system without detracting from its functionality: it is integrated into the system and not built in as an add-on. The result is that privacy becomes an essential component of the core functionality offered.
Privacy is embedded into the design and architecture of Sherwood products

What is privacy by design?

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