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Sherwood is a participant-centered clinical research platform

Our mission is to save time to clinical investigators and increase the satisfaction of research participants. We are committed to accelerating research, transparency and data sovereignty


Research participants

Hospitals, farma & biotechs

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Meet Sherwood

Discover how investigators, research participants and health institutions are tranforming their approach to clinical research



Explore Sherwood for investigators
  • Know what data is collected on you

  • Control who can access your data and biosamples and for what purpose are used

  • Recieve updates from the study investigators and know why you contribution is useful

  • Keep your information protected in a secure environment

  • Participate from the value generated

  • Withdraw anytime

Research participants

Take control of your    data and biosamples


We increase transparency by providing fine-grained privacy policies that give research participants control over their data and samples. Our app enables study participants to receive ongoing feedback on study results increasing their satisfaction and likelihood of participation in future studies.

Explore Sherwood for research participants
  • Build EDC, PIS and consent forms within minutes

  • Improve data quality

  • Visualise your data in real-time

  • Forget about paper with e-consent forms

  • Share information securely and connect with collaborators under a common framework

  • Provide study participants with continuous feedback on your research findings with a single click.

Accelerate your research

Accelerate your research by saving time on admin duties, data capturing, data quality control and consenting. Increase the power of your study by connecting with other researchers under a common framework. Engage with study participants by providing continuous feedback.

Hospitals, pharma & biotech

Meet the highest standards

Provide excellence in clinical research across your institution with a unifying and user-friendly research platform. Save time to your staff in data capturing, quality control and admin duties. Avoid risks and keep sensible data protected in a secure and encrypted environment preventing confidentiality breaches.

Explore Sherwood for hospitals, pharma and biotech
  • Provide a common framework for clinical research to your staff

  • Save time to your staff

  • Increase transparency

  • Keep sensible data protected

  • Prevent confidentiality breaches

  • GDPR compliant

Our approach


Sherwood lets you build EDC, PIS and consent forms within minutes. Visualise your data in real time. Connect with other investigators securely. Provide continous feedback to research participants with a single click.


Sherwood is the first clinical data platform built around the research participant. We provide fine-grained privacy policies to increase transparency and give research participants control over their data and biosamples.

Sherwood is built from the start with patients privacy in mind, We keep personal and sensible clinical data protected and prevent confidentiatly breaches. We are GDPR compliant.

Sherwood is a decentralised platform powered by blockchain technology. We innovate around the management of clinical research data. That is why we are developing several research components on the subject.


We look into solving real problems in clinical research. Read some of the comments from our opinion poll.

“I took part in a clinical research study during pregnancy to find out more about what causes and how to predict pre-eclampsia. The study involved several visits to the hospital, where I had blood tests, and they took my blood pressure. At the end of the study, the team did not provide feedback on the results, and I never knew whether my contribution was any useful. It discouraged me from participating in future studies”

Sophie, Research participant - Oxford, UK

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Tel: 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street

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