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We provide smart solutions to digitalise any hospital or healthcare facility

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We use data science to make better hospitals

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Better management

Create insight  through high-quality data

We turn data into insight for hospitals and healthcare professionals. We use that insight to increase efficiency, improve clinical outcomes and reduce operational costs.

  • We create software to generate structured health data

  • We use that data to empower organizations to be more responsive and develope data-driven decision making capabilities

  • Our insight assists to streamline patient flow and improve hospitals throughput.

  • A deeper understanding helps to improve care pathways with targeted solutions, and address resource challenges by reducing operational costs.

  • We work collaboratively with doctors and hospital staff to understand current health issues and provide data-driven solutions.

  • We provide technical support to increase dissemination of care guidelines and narrow evidence pratice gaps

  • We help to increase communication with   patients and between hospital staff

  • The result is an increase in the quality and  safety of patient care.


Better healthcare

Improve care and narrow practice gaps

We use data to change the way patients are cared for. We provide customized solutions to improve the standard of care.


Better future

Accelerate research

We conduct innovative research for organizations, governements and the life science industry using anonimised clinical data.

  • We provide technology to generate and capture clinical data that enhances research

  • We apply our technology to answer clinical questions and create knowledge. This is used to generate novel hypothesis and favour discovery

  • We promote clinical trials and collaborations with academic instutions

  • Our line of action provides benefits

       for the wider community and

       susteinability for the healthcare



Our core values


We want to meaningfully and positively impact people's lives. We build products and ideas we believe in and we develop them collaboratively with our partners to maximize their benefit .


We use the power of  data and evidence to improve healthcare. We apply data science technologies (machine learning, AI) to drive discovery and inform decision making.

We are ethical, inclusive and socially responsible within our communities. Our approach generates benefits for the whole ecosystem. 

Our products are private-by-design. They are built from the start with patients privacy in mind. We keep personal and sensible clinical data protected and prevent confidentiatly breaches. GDPR compliant.


Our products

We look into solving real world problems in health care. Have a closer look into our products and discover how we make an impact.


Sherwood hospitals is a cloud-based electronic medical records and patient management platform specifically designed for hospitals lacking IT infrastructure. For doctors, nurses and administrators. Simple. Intuitive. No training required.

Sherwood hospitals

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